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Student services and support programs

Guidance Officer

A guidance officer visits the school on a regular basis. There are two main channels for gaining access to the guidance officer.

The first referral channel is through the Student Support Services Meeting which convenes fortnightly. Students are discussed and referred on to the appropriate support services. These may include resources within the school such as the STLaN (Support Teacher: Literacy and Numeracy), visiting services such as behaviour management teachers or the guidance officer, or services external to the school system such as paediatricians.

Where more than one student is referred to the guidance officer, the Student Support Services Meeting assists in prioritising such referrals.

The second referral channel is through informal discussions where some immediate advice is sought. The result of this second type of contact may lead to resolution or referral through to the Student Support Services Meeting.

The guidance officer carries out psychometric testing which may lead to additional information about the students’ learning or, on occasions, to identification of significant learning problems. Sometimes additional resources are provided for the student, depending on the type and severity of the problems.

The guidance officer is not the only person addressing student welfare issues. Class teachers, administration staff and the school chaplain also play a role.


A chaplain provides social, emotional and spiritual support to all members of the school community. This is done through one to one contact with students, parents and staff, participation in school-run activities and the coordination of small groups.

The chaplain is employed by Scripture Union, a Christian organisation which has been training and employing chaplains in Queensland school since 1990. The chaplain provides support but does not counsel students. Nor does the chaplain evangelise or proselytise their religious beliefs. Along with all staff in schools the chaplain is a role model for students.

Our Chaplain at Serviceton South is Sian Routley or Chappy Sian (Sharn). Chappy Sian is at school on Tuesday’s, Thursdays and every second Monday. She is available to help any student, parent, or staff member who requires support and encouragement through life’s challenges.

Participation in chaplaincy run activities is voluntary. If your child would benefit from a one to one catch up with the chaplain then please contact Chappy Sian. Issues addressed through chaplaincy programs may include, but are not limited to, friendships, feelings and conflict resolution.

The chaplaincy service is part funded through state and federal government grants however a shortfall in funding means regular fundraising is required to maintain the service. If you would like to support your chaplain please contact Chappy Sian on (07) 3714 0235.